Survey and Interview Research

Surveys and interviews are important tools in understanding needs and opinions of stakeholders. Brodsky Research has conducted numerous surveys with parents, child care providers, community representatives, and other stakeholders. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Development of valid survey and interview instruments, inclulding developing protocols, piloting questions, and conducting background research.
  • Implementation of surveys, including identifying recipients, statistical sampling, disseminating surveys, and collecting results.
  • Conducting interviews and focus groups.
  • Analysis of survey and interview results using advanced quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques. 


Project Examples

Early Intervention System Equity Analysis

The mission of the Center for Equity and Excellence is to create inclusive  environments and to ensure equity and social justice at all levels of society. The Center is examining issues of equity within the early intervention system for the Multnomah Early Childhood...

Navajo Nation Market Rate Survey

The Navajo Nation Division of Social Services, Department of Child Care and Development, in Window Rock, Arizona, supports low-income working families through child care financial assistance and promotes children's learning by improving the quality of early child...

Colorado Child Care Market Rate Study

Federal regulations require states to conduct a child care market rate survey every three years as a condition of receiving federal dollars from the Child Care and Development Fund to establish child care subsidy rates that are high enough to allow low-income working...

Volunteers of America Southwest Community Needs Assessment

Volunteers of America Southwest (VOA Southwest) provides innovative, results-oriented programming using a therapeutic care and educational approach. VOA Southwest offers programs for vulnerable individuals and families including addiction recovery services, veterans’...

Head Start Community Needs Assessment

Brodsky Research conducted a comprehensive community needs assessment for Adams County Head Start as part of a federally mandated requirement. This report evaluated needs among the Head Start-eligible population in Adams County, Colorado, and to determine what resources are currently available and what resources are needed to fill gaps

Massachusetts Non-Traditional Hours Child Care Study

BRC Partnered with Linda Mills Consulting to conduct a study of the need for non-traditional hours child care in Massachusetts for the Mass. Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). The study used a mixed-methods approach to investigate access to and need for child care outside of traditional work hours. The study involved focus groups and interviews with providers and a survey which was distributed to 2,000 parents throughout the state.

Latest News

Colorado Preschool Development Grant Cost Evaluation and Needs Assessment

Colorado’s Preschool Development Grant (PDG) provides $33.5 million to support Colorado’s vision that all children are ready for school when entering kindergarten. Colorado Shines Brighter, the state’s PDG B-5 initiative, works to maximize the number of high-quality early care and education options available to families, especially families identified as vulnerable and underserved such as those living in rural areas, families of infants and toddlers, and families of children with special needs.

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Presentation at the Early Childhood Social Impact Performance Advisors Conference

Each year, the Annual Conference of the Early Childhood Social Impact Performance Advisors hosts one of the nation’s most dynamic conversations about the feasibility, research, and policy implications of Pay for Success programs. The conference is organized by the Institute for Child Success, Ready Nation, and Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah, with whom I partner as a Senior Research Fellow.

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Two Definitions of Child Care Quality

As I think about the conversations I heard about early childhood in the past year, I find people are usually speaking the same language.  At conferences, in journals, and in legislative chambers, those of us who live within the early childhood realm generally agree...

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The Five Warning Signs Of EAU (Evaluation As Usual)

Is your organization suffering from Evaluation As Usual (EAU)?  Symptoms of EAU include overly enthusiastic language about successes, wish-washy discussion of potentially negative results, and a general lack of objective and critical data analysis and discussion....

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What Programs Are Appropriate For Pay For Success?

In April I had the opportunity to participate in a panel on Pay For Success (PFS) programs at the annual Early Childhood Social Impact Performance Advisors Conference in San Diego.  Jointly sponsored by the Institute for Child Success and ReadyNation, the conference...

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