Recent Publications and Reports

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Brodsky, A. (2012).  “Estimating the Costs of Early Childhood Systems.”  In Kagan, S. and Kauerz, K.  Early Childhood Systems Building.  New York:  Teachers College Press. 2012.

Brodsky, A., DeCesare, D., and Kramer-Wine, J. (2010).  Design and Implementation Considerations for Alternative Teacher Compensation Programs.  Theory Into Practice, Volume 49 Issue 3, 213

Brodsky, A., Roberson, N., and Augenblick, J. (2013).  Pay For Success Financing For Early Childhood Programming in Colorado.  Report prepared for the Piton Foundation.

‘Invest In Colorado’s Youngest Children.”  Guest Commentary published in the Denver Post online, April 29, 2013.

“The Spaces Between Us.”  Essay accepted by This I Believe and read aloud on Bob Edwards Weekend, September, 2010

Interview on Colorado’s achievement gap on KCFR’s Colorado Matters, September 1, 2006

Brodsky, A., and Roberson, N. (2012)  Return on Investment for Early Childhood Investments in Colorado.  Brief prepared for the Colorado Early Childhood Leadership Commission.

Brodsky, A., Augenblick, J., and Cunha, J. (2012).  Price Sensitivity in Student Selection of Public Four-Year Institutions in Colorado.  Report presented to the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

Brodsky, A. (2010).   2010 Maine Market Rate Survey: Analysis and Recommendations.  Report presented to the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.  Washington, D.C.:  National Child Care Information Center.

Brodsky, A., Palaich, R., and Rooney, K. (2010).  Early Childhood Infrastructure Financing Study.  Report presented to the State of Colorado Lieutenant Governor’s Office.

Palaich, R., Brown, A., Rooney, K. and Brodsky, A. (2009).  2008-2009 Evaluation Report.  Report Presented to the Denver Preschool Program.  Denver:  Augenblick, Palaich, and Associates.

Brodsky, A. (2006).  Denver Scholarship Fund Needs Analysis:  Technical Report.  Colorado Children’s Campaign, Denver.

Brodsky, A. (2006).  Early Childhood Education in Denver:  A Needs Analysis.  Technical Report.  Colorado Children’s Campaign, Denver.

Brodsky, A. and Medler, A. (2006).  “Glass Ceilings, Missed Connections:  Promoting Minority Excellence to Foster Diversity in College.”  Headfirst, Spring 2006.

Teske, P., Brodsky, A. and Medler, A. (2006).  “Fix Achievement Gap In Colorado.”  Denver Post, August 6, 2006.

Schoales, V. and Brodsky, A. (2005).  “Closing Colorado’s Achievement Gap”.  Denver Post, November 20, 2005.

Brodsky, A. (2005).  390,343 Children Left Behind: Who’s Closing The Achievement Gap in Colorado’s Schools?  Colorado Children’s Campaign, Denver.

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