Colorado Universal Preschool Program Per-Child Rate Formula Development

Colorado HB22-1295 established the Colorado Universal Preschool Program to provide expanded services for the state’s young children. Beginning fall 2023, the program will include access to preschool services for all children in the year preceding kindergarten; preschool for all 3- and 4-year-old children with disabilities; as well as additional services for preschool-aged children who meet qualifying factors, including income eligibility.

Brodsky Research developed a per-child rate funding formula for Colorado’s Department of Human Services and Department of Early Childhood that accounts for various considerations and meets specific requirements to ensure that Colorado has an adequate, high-quality supply of preschool providers to serve eligible children. 

The model is designed to ensure quality early childhood education delivery by accurately measuring the true costs to deliver higher quality educational services, taking into account personnel costs, including salaries and benefits, and nonpersonnel costs such as rent and materials. It ensures access, affordability, and equity for all families by reflecting the actual costs to deliver quality early childhood education.

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