Needs Assessments

Needs assessments use a variety of data collection and analysis techniques to fully understand needs, resources, access to services, and costs within a community or target popualtion. Brodsky Research has extensive experience conducting Needs Assessments for Head Start programs, communities considering expanding early childhood services, and organizations wishing to effectively target resources where they are needed most.

Components of a needs assessment may include the following:

  • Mapping where child care providers and other services exist within a community
  • Determining the current and desired quality of existing services
  • Surveying parents to determine what services they have most need for and what barriers to access exist
  • Modeling to determine the cost to deliver high-quality services to a specific population 
  • Interviews and surveys with providers and community representatives
  • Collection and analysis of complex administrative data, such as census data, child care licensing databases, and health outcome data

For more information, please see our Needs Assessment brochure.

Project Examples

Volunteers of America Southwest Community Needs Assessment

Volunteers of America Southwest (VOA Southwest) provides innovative, results-oriented programming using a therapeutic care and educational approach. VOA Southwest offers programs for vulnerable individuals and families including addiction recovery services, veterans’ services, K-8 charter schools, mental health services,…

Toledo Pre-K Evaluation

Toledo, Ohio is engaged in a multi-year process to provide high-quality preschool to all children in Toledo. Brodsky Research is assisting with the evaluation and data component of…

Head Start Community Needs Assessment

Brodsky Research conducted a comprehensive community needs assessment for Adams County Head Start as part of a federally mandated requirement. This report evaluated needs among the Head Start-eligible…

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