Navajo Nation Market Rate Survey

The Navajo Nation Division of Social Services, Department of Child Care and Development, in Window Rock, Arizona, supports low-income working families through child care financial assistance and promotes children’s learning by improving the quality of early child care, edcation, and afterschool programs at child care centers located throughout the reservation. In addition, registered and certified state licensed child care center and home child care providers are located on and near the Navajo Reservation providing daily child care servies.

Brodsky Research is currently conducting data collection and analysis to help the Department of Child Care and Development determine the price of child care services across the Navajo Nation. The information will help the Department to bring child care subsidy payment rates up to date and ensure equal access to care within the Department’s service area and surrounding border towns among tribal, state, and privately operated child care centers, group homes, family homes, and child home providers.

Specifically, Brodsky Research will analyze the cost of care, including the cost of high quality care, as well as numbers of available care slots and provider rate data by geographic location, child care setting type, and child age group. The final report will also include recommended child care market rates based on the 75th percentile of rates.

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