Mwebaza Foundation Well Project

In 2022, Brodsky Research partnered with the Mwebaza Foundation to finance a deep water well at Mwebaza Annex Primary School in the semi-urban town of Nkugulutale, Uganda.

The well operates alongside two large rainwater catchment tanks which will allow the school to meet their water needs through the long dry season. The well pump connects to the school’s existing solar power system to lift water into an elevated water tank. The tank uses gravity to feed a watering system in the school garden as well as water taps for additional needs such as cooking, cleaning, hand-washing, and drinking. In addition, the school organized and manages a small water business making clean water available to members of the community. Strategically pricing their water at a lower rate than other local water sources, the school generates between $10-$20 USD per month. (For reference, a month’s wage for a teacher is $54 USD). This allows the school to save for future equipment repairs while earning additional money to meet other financial needs. To learn more about the work of Mwebaza Foundation in Colorado and Uganda, visit their website at

The Mwebaza Foundation is an educational organization embracing decolonizing practices to build alternative structures in the nonprofit space that are centered on understanding, solidarity, and liberation. The Foundation’s mission is to enrich the relationships among Colorado and Uganda partner schools through cross-cultural exchange and service learning that enhances educational opportunities, fosters a healthy learning environment, and promotes self-sufficiency.

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