Dr. Andrew Brodsky


My passion is to promote the use of evidence to improve the lives of children, especially those who are in most need of help.  In my fifteen years in the education policy and research field, I’ve found that there is often a disconnect between practitioners, researchers, advocates, and decisionmakers.  I aim to help bridge that gap by creating and synthesizing research evidence, and by building tools to allow stakeholders to weigh the costs and benefits of various policy options. I am especially passionate about protecting our youngest children.  Research clearly demonstrates how important the earliest years are for future outcomes and economic progress.  

My goal is to engage in this work in my local community, at the state and national levels, and around the world in order to make the case for smart investments in children. I live in Longmont, Colorado with my wife, invitation designer, and chef extraordinaire Lisa, and my two beautiful daughters, Nina, 4, and Lilah, 1, who have taught me first hand more than I ever imagined I would need to know about early childhood development.  When not creating early childhood cost models, geeking out in Excel, or blogging, I love running, making and listening to music, and travelling anywhere and everywhere. Download my C.V.  | View Recent Reports and Publications

Erin Gager

Senior Research Associate

Erin has worked in the field of early childhood for over a decade, and has a Master of Research and Evaluation Methods from the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado, Denver. She specializes in program evaluation, mixed methods, and data visualization. Much of her early childhood career has been focused on supporting and empowering the early childhood workforce, and she is passionate about continuing this work by exploring equity and elevating community voices through data, research, and evaluation projects.

A Colorado native, Erin enjoys crafting, concerts, and experiencing the great outdoors (whether that is from a patio or mountain top).

Aurora Vadas-Arendt

Research Associate

Aurora has studied cognitive linguistics within the field of AI and has an AA and AS in this field. While she does plan on getting her Masters eventually, early childhood education and the exploration of data has become her focus. Aurora works with quantitative data and brings a different eye to the world of data and analysis in ECE. 

Outside of BRC, Aurora enjoys spending time training horses, reading, and crafting of all shapes and sizes. 

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