Massachusetts Non-Traditional Hours Child Care Study

BRC Partnered with Linda Mills Consulting to conduct a study of the need for non-traditional hours child care in Massachusetts for the Mass. Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). The study used a mixed-methods approach to investigate access to and need for child care outside of traditional work hours. The study involved focus groups and interviews with providers and a survey which was distributed to 2,000 parents throughout the state. 

1 thought on “Massachusetts Non-Traditional Hours Child Care Study”

  1. Dear Dr. Brodsky,

    Is it possible to get a copy of the following report:
    Brodsky, Andrew, and Linda Mills. 2014. “Non-Traditional Hours (NTH) Child Care in Massachusetts.” Report prepared by Brodsky Research and Consulting and Mills Consulting Group for the Massachusetts Department of Early Care and Education.

    I am a professor at University of Chicago and do work on poverty, work and child care. Much of my work is on the child care strategies of parents with nonstandard work schedules. I’d be really interested in reading this report.


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