Decision Models and Dashboards

Interactive data models allow you to make informed decisions by organizing complex data and providing accessible interfaces to model the effects of different scenarios. Whether it’s designing or revising complex Excel spreadsheets or designing custom automated dashboards, I can create dynamic, easy-to-use models that enable you to understand your data at a deeper level.

We are experts in data modeling tasks including:

  • Dashboards and automated macros powered by Visual Basic (VBA)
  • Advanced data analysis and statistical techniques
  • Error-checking and formula validation
  • Managing and merging datasets
  • Formatting and restructuring confusing or poorly organized spreadsheets

Project Examples

Colorado Early Investment Model

The Colorado Early Investment Model is the first interactive model to map costs and benefits of a state’s entire early childhood system. The model was commissioned by the Colorado Early Childhood Leadership Commission (ECLC) to help stakeholders better understand the scope of the state’s current EC system, and the costs associated with expanding the system.

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Latest News

The Moral Imperative Of Effective Altruism

This past August, a thousand or so entrepreneurs gathered in Berkeley, California to talk about making the world a better place. They represented the usual suspects you’d find at a Bay Area conference – data wonks, business strategists, venture capitalists, and...

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Strengthening Colorado’s Early Childhood Workforce

BRC is partnering with the Butler Institute at the University of Denver to better understand the economic contribution of the child care sector, and to determine sustainable strategies for building a highly qualified workforce.

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Presentation at the Early Childhood Social Impact Performance Advisors Conference

Each year, the Annual Conference of the Early Childhood Social Impact Performance Advisors hosts one of the nation’s most dynamic conversations about the feasibility, research, and policy implications of Pay for Success programs. The conference is organized by the Institute for Child Success, Ready Nation, and Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah, with whom I partner as a Senior Research Fellow.

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Two Definitions of Child Care Quality

As I think about the conversations I heard about early childhood in the past year, I find people are usually speaking the same language.  At conferences, in journals, and in legislative chambers, those of us who live within the early childhood realm generally agree...

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The Five Warning Signs Of EAU (Evaluation As Usual)

Is your organization suffering from Evaluation As Usual (EAU)?  Symptoms of EAU include overly enthusiastic language about successes, wish-washy discussion of potentially negative results, and a general lack of objective and critical data analysis and discussion....

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