Turning Data Into Knowledge.

Cost-benefit and ROI Analysis

We help maximize impact by evaluating the financial and social costs and benefits of public and private investments.


Data analysis and statistics

Descriptive and inferential statistics help you understand patterns in your data.

Professional Writing and Editing

Ensure your research has the power to drive results through clear prose, accurate data, and letter-perfect editing.


Decision Models and Dashboards

Excel models, dashboards, and templates automate tasks, allow real-time decisionmaking, and produce beautiful visualizations of your data.

Education And Early Childhood Research

Rigorous research on early childhood and K-12 systems and policies ensure all children thrive.

Program Evaluation

Summative and formative evaluation uses rigorous methodology to illuminates what’s working and yield actionable results..

Recent Projects

Palm Beach County Social Return On Investment (SROI) Analyses

BRC is working with the Children’s Services Council (CSC) of Palm Beach County to estimate the social return on investment (SROI) of the CSC’s programs. The analyses are based on the costs and social benefits of the CSC’s investments in early childhood education, professional development and quality improvement, family supports, and other programs. Benefits are calculated by reviewing the most recent literature on outcomes and economic benefits of each of the CSC’s program, adjusting for local costs. The resulting analyses will be used to help identify the most effective ways for the CSC to invest its funding and to communicate the value of the CSC’s programs to stakeholders.

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Denver Preschool Program Access and Capacity Study

BRC led a study to evaluate access and capacity for preschool in Denver. The study, which was sponsored by the Denver Preschool Program (DPP) examined availability of licensed preschool slots throughout the city, and yielded a need index which represented the ratio of preschool-age population to preschool slots in each census tract in Denver. In addition, the study used geo-coded data on provider locations to determine the number of high-quality preschool slots within walking distance of each of Denver’s public housing units.

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Pay For Success Technical Support

BRC is working with the Sorensen Impact Center at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business to provide technical support for Pay For Success programs across the West. BRC’s role includes providing cost-benefit analysis, evaluation consultation, and research design support for communities and organizations considering Pay for Success programs in early childhood.

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Massachusetts Non-Traditional Hours Child Care Study

BRC Partnered with Linda Mills Consulting to conduct a study of the need for non-traditional hours child care in Massachusetts for the Mass. Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). The study used a mixed-methods approach to investigate access to and need for child care outside of traditional work hours. The study involved focus groups and interviews with providers and a survey which was distributed to 2,000 parents throughout the state.

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Colorado Early Investment Model

The Colorado Early Investment Model is the first interactive model to map costs and benefits of a state’s entire early childhood system. The model was commissioned by the Colorado Early Childhood Leadership Commission (ECLC) to help stakeholders better understand the scope of the state’s current EC system, and the costs associated with expanding the system.

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ELPASO Evaluation

Engaged Latino Parents Advancing School Outcomes (ELPASO) is a new grassroots imitative funded by the Community Foundation of Boulder County as part of its School Readiness Initiative. The program aims to empower the Latino community to drive school readiness outcomes for children throughout the county.

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Latest News

Two Definitions of Child Care Quality

As I think about the conversations I heard about early childhood in the past year, I find people are usually speaking the same language.  At conferences, in journals, and in legislative chambers, those of us who live within the early childhood realm generally agree...

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The Five Warning Signs Of EAU (Evaluation As Usual)

Is your organization suffering from Evaluation As Usual (EAU)?  Symptoms of EAU include overly enthusiastic language about successes, wish-washy discussion of potentially negative results, and a general lack of objective and critical data analysis and discussion....

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What Programs Are Appropriate For Pay For Success?

In April I had the opportunity to participate in a panel on Pay For Success (PFS) programs at the annual Early Childhood Social Impact Performance Advisors Conference in San Diego.  Jointly sponsored by the Institute for Child Success and ReadyNation, the conference...

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The Promise of Pay For Success In Early Childhood

I contributed a post this week to What Works In America’s Communities, a blog based on the recent book of the same name, which promotes innovative ideas that are helping to build stronger communities across the nation. Pay For Success financing structures fund...

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Child Care in Canada: The Child Care 2020 Conference

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Child Care 2020 Conference in Winnipeg.  The conference is the fourth national child care conference in Canada’s history and the first in a decade.  Presenters from around the country and overseas talked about issues...

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Improving Outcomes for Latino Kids

Boulder is one of the most affluent communities in the state.  Known for its majestic Flatirons, a world-class university, and progressive politics, Boulder is often assumed to be socioeconomically homogeneous, as well.  However, Boulder County is diverse, and in...

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